These new services allow you to free yourself and to keep control over your works and their marketing by conquering a new market, while benefiting from the expertise of a local actor who knows your products perfectly and their possibilities, as well as your vision of roleplaying games and the quality of your works.

These new services are intended for non-French-speaking particulars and publishing houses in order to help you establish yourselves on the French market which, in terms of roleplaying game releases, is the second largest market in the world.

LA LOUTRE RÔLISTE has been practicing roleplaying games since 1989 and has been publishing successful roleplaying games for 8 years, translated from Spanish and English into French.

LA LOUTRE RÔLISTE, strong of its experience, now offers you a whole range of services, whether you are an individual or a professional, from the gaming world or the comics world, in France or abroad ! 

You want to translate a game, communicate about it and be accompanied throughout its development ? Contact LA LOUTRE RÔLISTE

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